symfony 1.0.2 发布

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symfony 1.0.2 已经于昨天发布。这个版本没有新功能,解决


* r3785: fixed getCookies() call in sfDebug when using sfConsoleResponse (#1666)
* r3775: fixed _compute_public_path() when using a query string
* r3754: updated Propel to 1.2.1 (
* r3746: fixed output escaping and _get_object_list() (#1593)
* r3699: fixed highlight_text() doesn't work with / (#1621)
* r3692: fixed i18n support for errors in sfRequest

Propel 升级到 1.2.1.修正了propel模板里的一些小bug,所以需要重新建立模型

symfony propel-build-model


symfony clear-cache
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